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from: Canada
I learned more useful infos from ur site. Thanx much!
from: Hungary
Hey, that's swell! Congrats!
Marc Aznar
from: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
great site,i love it
Bart Bellemans
from: Dahab, South Siani, Egypt
Hello, Just to say a quick thank you for my instructor Tom Schwericke. Just finiched my advanced nitrox instructor course and have to say, after teaching so many padi courses i really loved teching this course I not only loved it but also did learn a lot. So now i have to say that i want to continue my education on the TDI way. So Tom thank you again, first for bringing me in to technical diving and now for bringing my to the next level and have to say, pround to be a TEC instructor now...
Bert van der Togt
from: Dahab, South Sinai, Germany
Hello world A short while ago I did my extended range course at Sinai Divers Dahab with Tom Schwericke. A very very nice experience, especially the last dive (picture) was amazing (really, I wasn't narked, I am always like that...). Never forget it! During the training exercises Tom scarred the hell out of me sometimes, always somewhere around and "opps" all the sudden one loses his fin or experiences a free flowing something. I understood before I entered tech dive courses that I had to wear only black equipment, looking very dangerous . During the extended range I discovered that they take the black very literally, even the glass is black...... And Tom... why did you keep losing all your stuff during the dives, did nobody ever tell you to strap things secure? Thanks for the training, I enjoyed it very much, hope to be back for the advanced trimix. Gr. Bert
Bart Bellemans
from: Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt
A special thank you has to be said.... 2 weeks ago I was helping out the guys from the National Park in Egypt to fix the moring line for our boats in Dahab. This required some technical diving and while I was down there I realised that all the skills I learned where of real value. So I want to thank my instructor Tom Schwericke for getting my skills up to the level that they are. I am looking forward to doing my Advanced Trimix with Tom very soon which will bring me to the next level. So again thank you very much Tom, greetings Bart
Jean-Christophe Brun
from: Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt
I had a FANTASTIC time entering the whole new world of diving with TDI ,I would like to give a special THANKS to my instructor bart Bellemans and the boss, Tom "TEK-RAIDERS" Schwericke. Who both made my instruction interesting and fun. Their passion for Tek diving Attitude, gave me the virus and I'm looking forward to take the next step with them and Sinai Divers here in Dahab. SO... Sea u down there soon, EXACTLY, Cris.
from: Czech Republic
Very nice Website...
from: Beirut, Lebanon
Dear Fellow Diver,
Dear TDI Team,
Hi everyone, how's it going? would like to know why the forum, is almost like a desert? I dive Therefore I Exist
Tom Habeck
from: Dahab, South Siani, Egypt
for all you dedicated twin-tank-carriers out there: keep learning and improving, for we are all in this dynamic process for the rest of our lives. And please help to keep standards high, and END's low.
safe diving,

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