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Technical Diving International (TDI)
Now in its tenth year of business Technical Diving International is the largest Tech Agency in the world with over 10000 active Instructors. From it's humble beginning, TDI has now expanded to have regional offices in 45 countries worldwide. TDI secured the first insurance coverage for both technical diving curricula and traditional sport diving limits in one policy.  Currently TDI offers courses in Entry Level and Advanced Nitrox, Extended Range (deep air to 55msw), Entry and Advanced Trimix, Decompression Procedures, Rebreathers, Overhead, Advanced Wreck diving, and technician training for equipment servicing and the blending & mixing of gasses.  TDI was the first to offer a fully developed training program for rebreathers and hosted the first ever instructor trainer workshop for that equipment in June of 1995. By clicking on Courses on the menu bar you will find a list of courses, standards and training procedures that TDI has to offer.

In 1996, Instructor Trainers, Karim Helal, Ahmed Kamal and Jayne Mayer formed Technical Diving International and Scuba Diving International Middle East, as the Regional Office for all countries in the Middle East as well as Turkey and Russia. TDI's extensive course curriculums, from Diver to Instructor, offer a whole new career opportunity for Instructors wishing to teach beyond the level of recreational diving. In 1999 TDI Middle East were awarded the Regional Office of the Year Award for Excellence, and in 2002 were awarded an Achievement Award for outstanding Sales Performance. As of 2001 TDI Middle East incorporated Scuba Diving international Middle East and to keep up with the continued growth have recently moved to new and larger premises.

  • In house card processing ensures a maximum of 24 hrs turnaround time for issuing diver c-cards
  • In house availability of all Manuals and Training Materials.
  • Instructor Trainers available at all times to conduct Instructor Courses at any TDI Middle East Facility, at a fixed daily rate regardless of the number of candidates.
  • Free hosting and link on our well visited website, as well as news or announcements by any TDI M.E. Facility.
  • New online Diver and Instructor registrations. Click on members on the menu bar
  • Top of the line Tek Diving Equipment and Accessories from leading manufacturers
  • Patented and economic Gas Blending Systems for nitrox and trimix
  • Regular updates and events

  • Scuba Diving International (SDI)
    Along with TDI, SDI the new division of the company was created to offer entry-level programs for new divers.  SDI has already captured significant market share with its innovative approach to diver training.  SDI recognizes the need for updated diver training that incorporates the use of modern diving technology. What does this mean for you, the SDI student? It means that you will use a personal dive computer throughout your in-water instruction and certification dives. Incorporating modern diving technology also means a more streamlined scuba course with more instruction time in the water, where it counts, instead of in the classroom. Diving with the latest, most sophisticated equipment means that you emerge as a scuba diver ready to confidently plunge in the 21st century. By clicking on Courses on the menu bar you will find a list of courses, standards and training procedures that SDI has to offer.

    TDI/SDI/ERDI Middle East
    56 New Kawthar, Behind Best Way Supermarket, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt
    P.O.Box:415, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt
    Telephone: +20 100 5467700
    Website: http://www.tdi-middleeast.com * Email: info@tdi-middleeast.com