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Onno Teernstra
from: Maastricht, Netherlands
After adv nitrox and deco proc. now doin extended range tdi course with Raymond Hermans in Dahab. He is a straightforward guy and there is nothing that passes him by, he is alert and training has to be perfect especially concerning all safety matters. Not a single TDI matter of interest goes unmentioned. In a serious but relaxed way i´ve become a muh better diver a TD!
Jon Meredith
from: Dublin, Ireland
Thank you so much too Tom Steiner at Fantaseatec for doing my TDI courses with me. He was really knowledgeable about all aspects of technical diving and far surpassed all my expecatations. I was a little nervous at first about doing the courses but Tom was really approachable, and amiable throughout and i think i've become a much better diver thanks to the couple of weeks spent with him. I cant recommend him enough!
Normand Federico
from: Montreal, Qc, Canada
I just completed my Advanced Nitrox (September 13th 2007) at Fantasea Tec (the 4th element) in Dahab. My instructor was Tom Smith and he was excellent, the course was very comprehensive,Tom is very knowledgeable dive instructor and he have is own way to make the concepts and procedures involved easier. It gave me the chance to built up my confidence under water, my exam dive in the Blue hole was great. I highly recommend TDI, Fantaseatec.
from: Muscat, Oman
In early June a friend and went to Fantasea Tec (the 4th element) in Dahab and took three courses: Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures and Extended Range. The courses were very comprehensive and the instructors were excellent. Tom Smith (Adv Nitrox and Deco Prodcedures) and Tom Steiner (Extended Range) are very knowledgeable dive instructors and they give very clear explanations of the concepts and procedures involved. They care that you understand the material. The in-water drills and exercises built up my confidence and made me very comfortable with extended range diving. We had a beautiful dive at the Canyon. I can highly recommend TDI, Fantaseatec, the two Toms and Dahab. What a great combination to learn safe and responsible diving!
Robin Norman
from: Cambridge, United Kingdom
On behalf of Mike Robinson and me, I would like to extend a big thanks to the 2 x Tom's at Dahab (Steiner and Smith) for excellent courses. We undertook three courses and even signed on for more while there. I personnally feel my diving has improved and the benefits to my knowlege and understanding are great. If asked I would recommend anyone to do courses with your outfit because it is proffessional and great fun. Thanks guys!!!
Tom Steiner van den Ouweelen
from: Dahab again :-), Egypt
So now I really need also to say thanks to both of you Olga and Lena for the absolutely excellent work that you are doing at TDI middleeast, (certifications, questions etc...) if all dive organsisations would have such a good service like you do it...I think they could learn something from both of you, you two are just great :-) wish you a nice day, and hope seeing you one day here somewhere in Egypt. Take care Tom ( and dont work to much!)
Tom Steiner van den Ouwellen
from: Dahab/South Sinai, Egypt
Hi Leigh, I would like to thank you very very much for the excellent Trimix Instructor course you did with me, I really learned a lot again with you, I really appreciate the way you teach, the professional way you act and the nice down to earth and calm person you are, I rarely met people like you. In the future I look forward doing some other courses with you :-) or just go for a fun when you are around Dahab just give me a call and come along for a drink. Cheers and thanks again Tom TDI IT #9045
sean tate
from: United Kingdom
wicked site. Long time since i dived with you guys. Always miss it some great dives and some excellent times
from: Bebra, Germany
I've just come back from Dahab/Sinai where I did my Extended Rang Course with TOM STEINER, fantasea-tec. This was the BEST course (never learned that much before!) with the BEST instructor I ever had! I want to say "thank you Tom sooooo much!" :-)
K helal
from: Hurghada, Egypt
having started TDI( ME) 10 years ago with jayne and Ahmed and looking at what it is today, just want to say a massive thank you for all those who supported us over the year and made this possible

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