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cameron warner
from: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
I completed my Advanced Trimix course with Harry Hayward last year in Dahab and would deffinately recomend both TDI and Harry to progress as a technical diver. He not only is an expert in his field, he is a great teacher and explained the trickier aspects of adv trimix to me easily. It was a challenging and tough course however Harry kept it fun and i look forward to becoming a technical instructor with him soon.
Keith McCammon
from: United States
I took Advanced Nitrox through Extended Range at Nirvana Dive Center with Raymond Hermans. Because of Raymond´s superior abilities as an instructor the course was safe and fun, but also challenging. I feel confident now to continue exploring the underwater world at a technical level. Many thanks to Raymond for making my time in Dahab so productive and enjoyable.
Keith McCammon
from: Chicago, United States
I took Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures at Nirvana Divers in August of 2008 and had a great experience. The experience and talent of my instructor, Raymond Hermans, made the courses safe and enjoyable but also challenging. Because of the superior quality of my instruction, I feel confident in my ability to dive safely in both a technical and recreational range. I highly recommend Nirvana Divers and Raymond to anyone looking for a terrific dive training experience.
from: Germany
Nice site...lots of useful information...Maldives is one of the most beautiful place on earth..
Pascal Bernabé
from: Toulouse, France
In april 2008,I stay 2 weeks in Dahab,using Fantaseatec's tek facility for my Trimix and CCR courses with French and russians students.Everybody was really happy to dive with Tom Steiner who know really the sense of words:safety,professionalism and kindness.Thank you Tom! Pascal Bernabé-330m
Phil Durow
from: Blackpool, United Kingdom
I have done a few TDI courses over the last couple of years. From Deco Procedures to Adv Trimix my instructor has been Harry Hayward in Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt. He made me feel relaxed both in and out of the water whilst also being one of the toughest instructors I have met. The standard of diving and theoretical knowledge he insists you attain are what keep you safe when diving and give you such a great sense of achievement when you complete the course. I have no hesitation in recommending Harry and TDI to anyone wanting to do a diving course, either recreational or technical.
Elliott Jessup
from: Atlanta, United States
As an open water instructor who's learned from the best, I consider myself lucky to been taught by Harry Hayward from Red Sea Technical. I did Adv. Nitrox all the way through ER and Trimix in Dahab with Harry and he is seriously the single best instructor I've ever had. His lasting passion combined with his extensive experience in technical diving is what makes his instruction so great. Whether it was theory, equipment configuration, or the dives, Harry was extremely thorough and his attention to detail was incredible. When I have the opportunity to become a technical instructor myself, I plan to seek Harry again for instructor training! Thanks again. Elliott Jessup
from: dahab, Egypt
thanks tom smith from fantasea for making a brilliant video from the arch blue hole. the best i have seen till now.he has my recommedation as a videographer.
Yves Perrier
from: Geneva, Switzerland
J'ai effectue mes niveaux Instructeurs TDI au centre Fantaseatec avec Tom Steiner de Suisse, le cours etait tres interessant et tres professionel et carre. Je ne peux que conseiller ce centre, il est serieux et ne neglige pas la securite au detriment de l'argent, si vous voulez effectuer des cours TDI en Suisse vous pouvez aller visiter mon site :, j'ai effectuer mes monitorats suivants : Nitrox Instr., Adv. Nitrox Instr., Deco Procedures Instr., Nitrox Blender Instr., Trimix Blender Instr. (Heliair, Trimix, Heliox...) Merci a Tom de Fantaseatec.
Onno Teernstra
from: Maastricht, Netherlands
passed ER exam! Now a Tec diver here in Dahab, Egypt. My instructor Raymond Hermans and I did two more Fun Tec dives: yesterday a perfect dive at `the Canyon`55 msw. crystal clear water. Today we did the famous `Blue Hole`again, this time at 60 msw 4 tank config.; was a overwhelming experience to float under 'The Arch' in deep water. Perfect profile, perfect training, perfect holiday, I am now a diver 4ever hooked on the logic and control of Tec diving. Thx Raymond!

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