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Be A Diver Campaign

For Many years the Diving Industry has supported separate, company initiated projects designed to increase the number of new diving customers.Many of these efforts have had success, but, there have been relatively few opportunities for the entire diving community to work together toward the overall goal of new customers acquisition using one shared and well-researched approach. DEMA's Be A Diver Campaign, first introduced at DEMA show 2007 is one of the first such programs available for all professionals in the recreational diving community.

The Be A Diver Campaign includes all of the components necessary for success in acquiring new customers in today's complex media climate. From print and TV advertisements that are properly aimed at a specific target market, to appropriate flexibility that allows for retailers, resorts and all divinf stakeholder groups to use the program elements to supplement their own marketing efforts, the Be A Diver Campaign is designed for participation by all. However, success of this program is contingent on the widest possible support from all stakeholders.

The undersigned companies fully endorse and support DEMA's Be A Diver Campaign for the acquisition of new customers, and for the good of the Diving Industry. We strongly encourage all members of the professional diving community to use the Be A Diver Campaign to supplement their own marketing efforts. To do so will help ensure the Campaign's success, as well as help promote the sport of diving.

Brian Carney - SDI/TDI

Dan Orr - DAN

Drew Richardson - PADI

Doug McNeese - SSI


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