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Instructor Trainer Workshop - Hurghada - June 2007

Instructor Trainer Workshop - Hurghada - June 2007

TDI/SDI Instructor Trainer Course in Hurghada 15th-22nd June 2007
Course conducted by Paul Montgomery - TDI/SDI/ERDI Headquarters Training Department.

Instructor Trainer (IT) is the highest certification any SDI, TDI or ERDI Instructor can achieve. Those who qualify may teach candidates at the Open Water Instructor level and beyond, depending on what qualifications they bring to the IT Workshop, and what additional IT ratings they may qualify for later on. To become an Instructor Trainer, participants must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Be able to provide proof of having certified at least 150 divers at various levels.
  • Be in active teaching status with SDI, TDI and/or ERDI for at least two years with no QA's in the past 12 months.
  • Have a current CPR and First Aid certification.
  • Must have current Instructor rating for course in which IT status required
  • 200 logged dives
  • Current medical examination signed by a licensed physician

The Instructor Trainer Workshop is a seven-day program conducted by International Training's World Headquarters. It takes place  at locations ranging from the USA to Southeast Asia and the Red Sea.

The Workshop is designed to hone participant's knowledge and skills as instructors and evaluators. When they successfully complete the program, participants are ready to conduct SDI, TDI and/or ERDI Instructor Development Courses at their Dive Center or facility.

Let's take a look at some of what the program covers.

Evaluation System: This is among the core segments of the IT Workshop, taking a total of at least four days. IT Workshop participants learn not only how to evaluate instructor candidates, but how to develop them as educators. Participants take an in-depth look at International Training's evaluation system, as it is used in the classroom, confined water and open water, and apply it through continuous practice presentations.

Standards: All agencies have them, but here participants learn the "why" behind standards and how they're constructed. SDI, TDI and ERDI standards are all reviewed and evaluated.

Risk Management: Throughout your career, you've heard the term "risk management." In the IT program, participants learn a more in-depth approach to this topic, including liability issues, insurance, waivers and more. Knowing how and why things occur is very important when training instructors.

Conducting Instructor Level Training: Topics in this segment include scheduling, marketing, budgeting and registration. For example, with the flexibility afforded our Instructor Trainers, an IT doesn't necessarily have to conduct programs in a one-week or any other arbitrary time frame. Instead, ITs can schedule programs as needed to meet customer's needs. This segment shows how.

In-Water Training: During pool and open water sessions, participants demonstrate scuba skills and evaluate presentations. Just as they do in classroom evaluations, IT Workshop participants apply their evaluation skills in the water.

This challenging curriculum leaves successful IT Workshop participants with a sense of accomplishment and the ability to conduct SDI, TDI and/or ERDI Instructor courses.

Don't miss the opportunity to climb the educational ladder and become a TDI/SDI Instructor Trainer!

Click here to download an application in Adobe Acrobat Document Format (PDF).

For those who are interested please fill in the form and send it to and we will contact you with the further instructions.

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Instructor Trainer Workshop - Hurghada - June 2007
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