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SDI Instructor Course Schedule 2009


The Dates:

08.03.09 – 18.03.09
07.06.09 – 17.06.09
06.09.09 – 16.09.09
06.12.09 – 16.12.09      


Barakuda Diving Center Intercontinental Abu Soma

Instructor Trainers:

Leon Kusters SDI/TDI IT #10912 & Jürgen Hitzler SDI/TDI IT #11133

Prices will be send upon request.


Those eleven Day IDC´s include a Basic course in the German Language with a real German Teacher from Germany which will enable the candidates to perform Check in and to have conversation in the german Language

If you are already  advanced german speakers, this course can enable you to make briefings in the german language.

Those which are already good enough in the german Language can choose to become Instructor for EAN or CPROX or several specialities during the time others follow their German Language course.

Those who take the german course can also become EAN and CPROX and Specialty Instructor. But than the candidates will take this Instructor courses after the IE.


As an SDI Instructor you will be able to teach Open water Diver Courses, speciality Courses ( If speciality Instructor), Rescue Diver and DM/AI courses.

As SDI is a member of the RSTC Europe and Amerika, those certifications will be recognised worldwide at their specific Level

The advantages for the Diving Center:

Your former DM can now sell and make courses in example: for Nitrox Users or other specialities  which will increase the turnover for your DC.

You as a DC will get a Partnerprice if you send Candidates for the IDC`s.

This is applicable for your own staff but also for your guests if needed.

As a SDI/TDI Divingcenter you will have a bunch of benefits out of the programs with SDI/TDI such as:

NO renewal fee for a Diving Center

24 hours processing times for your customers,

Very good support through TDI/SDI Middle East as the regional office is located in Hurghada,

Availability for teaching Materials at inexpensive rates to stay competitive on the Market without dropping in quality and safety

As your former DM follows a speciality course for EAN with SDI he can easily receive a second certification as an TDI Nitrox Instructor too.


Barakuda DC staff ITs are able to provide this IDC in several languages such as English, German, French, Italian, and Dutch.

If you have questions about the Center affiliation or questions concerning the DC please contact

If you have questions about the IDC´s & IE´s please contact


Barakuda DC is also able to provide Technical Divemaster and Instructor courses upon request.

If you need accommodation please contact Juergen Hitzler at:  we have several opportunities to offer.

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SDI Instructor Course Schedule 2009
205 meters (677fsw) dive – Boris Kulish.
SDI is accepted in RSTC
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