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SDI is accepted in RSTC


We are happy to announce that SDI (Scuba Diving International) which is the recreational sister company of TDI (Technical Diving International) is now a member of RSTC Europe as well as RSTC America. During the BOOT show at the RSTC Europe yearly meeting they voted on our acceptance and we did not receive a single “no” vote.  Everyone anonymously voted us in!  The group consists of a number of Agencies, PADI, SSI, SNSI, PSS, ACUC, NASDS, and Barracuda.  The process took nearly 2 years of work in order to be accepted but it is finally done and it is a major accomplishment for our company.  SDI offers a full range of Scuba diving training including Solo Diving training that is fully recognized and insurable in the US and Europe.

For our SDI Facilities: As a member of RSTC Europe, you have the right to certain materials, like flags, brochures and additional promotional items. You can immediately promote and use the RSTC Europe mark on all of your SDI products, including c-cards, books, business cards, letterhead, etc.

As we extend our appreciation for the efforts done by the Egyptian Chamber of Diving and Water Sports towards improving the Scuba diving services and industry in Egypt, we are pleased to inform you that CDWS recognizes SDI as a training agency, approves its training programs and accredits its certifications. 


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SDI Instructor Course Schedule 2009
205 meters (677fsw) dive – Boris Kulish.
SDI is accepted in RSTC
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